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Commercial Register: HRA Köln 1640 / HRB 72027

VAT-Ident-Number: DE 1228 12032.

General Partner: Dr. Jean Bausch Verwaltungs GmbH

Limited Partners: Evelyn Bausch, Peter Bausch, André Bausch

Executive Directors: André Bausch, Peter Bausch

Established 1953

Number of employees: 35

Contents: André Bausch

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DentalNavigator is an interactive application, which can be used by dentists to explain different methods of treatment to patients. The new Apple iPad 2 together with the fitting HDMI adapter can be used to display the app on a large screen. Video projectors can be connected as well and therefore allow a presentation in lecture halls.

Special features are the interactive 3D animations in real time, which can be controlled via the touch-sensitive display. The human skull is 360° rotatable and scaleable via the innovative zoom function of the iPad in order to have a closer look at the condyles and the movement of the mandible

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