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The correct physiological recovery of the occlusion poses as much a challenge as ever for every dentist and technician. Even the smallest high spots measuring just a few microns can cause dysfunctions (mostly pain dysfunction syndrome - TMD) in patients. Occlusal proportions are being constantly changed with every procedure. Therefore, an understanding of the synergy of the teeth in static and dynamic occlusion forms the basis of good dentistry.

Since 1953, Dr. Jean Bausch GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in the manufacture of special articulating – occlusion test materials designed to represent occlusal proportions on the masticatory surfaces as true to nature as possible. From the outset, the founders of the company, dentists Dr. Jean Bausch and Dr. Hans Bausch, recognized the need to use pressure-sensitive articulating paper in order to present all the different masticatory forces in various colors. The principle of progressive color transfer remains an important method for the accurate detection of high spots.

Achieving visible markings on problematic surfaces such as gold, metal alloys and ceramics, but especially on moist occlusal surfaces represents another challenge.
We have also set our sights on achieving optimum color transfer even with ultra-thin occlusion test films. Our new test films are produced with an improved color coating, which can transfer more effectively onto polished masticatory surfaces because of its hydrophilic properties. Adding certain substances has also solved the problem of static loading.
As one of the the world’s leading manufacturers in this domain, we offer an extensive range of different articulating papers and articulating test-films in different shapes, sizes and colors. All our products are manufactured strictly in compliance with the European Medical-Products Decree and are constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance Department. The raw materials used are physiologically safe, and comply with stringent cosmetic, food and pharmacological standards.In 1973 Bausch Dental Co. Of America was founded which at the beginning had its headquarter in Boston then moved to San Francisco and from 1994 on has its domicile in Nashua, New Hampshire, for good. In 1998 the sons Peter and Andre Bausch have taken over the management of the company.

In 2003 "BauschArticulating Papers Pty. Ltd" has been established in Sydney, Australia. "Bausch Articulating Papers Japan K.K." in Nabari-City/Japan and "Bausch Importação de Mats. Odontológicos Ltda" in São Paulo/Brazil have been established in 2007.

OccluSense®  - Innovative System for digital Occlusion Test

The new system, developed by Bausch, combines the traditional and digital registration of the pressure distribution of the occlusal surfaces.

For more information, go to www.occlusense.com

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